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Our Team of Professionals & Strategic Partners

We take a consultative no-pressure approach with potential new clients to determine if our service is a good fit for them. This process generally consists of several confidential conversations about money, goals and things most important to the client. There is no cost or obligation for us to meet with someone who wants to learn more about our firm and consider how we can help.

Our client service structure is based on an institutional archetype with specialized divisions of labor and the safeguarding of client assets through independent third-party custodians. Every client has a dedicated personal financial adviser as their primary “go-to” person throughout the relationship. In addition to periodic reviews, we broach ongoing issues of relevance to clients, such as retirement planning, cash flow management, distribution ordering, tax harvesting, education funding and wealth transfer strategies.

Locations & Communications

We serve private clients throughout the continental U.S. and territories, and believe in frequent communication with clients, especially during periods of high market turbulence. We facilitate ongoing interactions with clients that include market & portfolio updates, quarterly & annual reviews, special events and general check-ins. We also strive to provide convenient service through video conferencing, webinars, virtual venues and in-person meetings in various regional facilities when appropriate.

Our national operations center is based in Atlanta, GA, the home office of Advisory Services Network. Our regional consultants and personal financial advisers are generally based in local markets more geographically centric to our client constituency.

“Successful investing is about anticipating the anticipations of others” (John Maynard Keynes)

Dave Paulukaitis


Dave is the Managing Director of Mainstay Capital Market Consultants, a strategic partner to Smarte Investments in the areas of regulatory compliance and supervisory functions. In a career spanning more than 30 years, Dave Paulukaitis...
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Geoff Smarte


Geoff is Chairman of the Investment Committee and Chief Investment Officer of Smarte Investments. He has helped individuals and families for over 25 years with their investments and financial planning needs. He holds an MBA in...

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Thomas C. Prescott, Jr


Tom is the managing member of Advisory Services Network, LLC, a strategic RIA partner providing operational support to Smarte Investments. Thomas C . Prescott, Jr. brings 34 years of Financial Services Industry and consulting...

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